About us

Public JSC “VOZKO” is a technology intensive, dynamic, progressive company, producing modern, elegant and prestige genuine top-quality leather, which is in demand in domestic and outer market. Continuous improving of technological process, upgrading and massive investment program allows us to produce goods of new generation. Traditionally our tannery specializes in the manufacture of leather for high grade men’s and ladies’ shoes.

At the tannery there are more then 500 people working in developing, design, production, marketing and delivery fields. Prosperity of our company directly depends on qualification of our specialists therefore we pay attention to professional growth of our stuff and motivation of our employers to creative development.

Developing new articles our plant is geared to decisions which combine functionality and quality, emphasizing also natural beauty of genuine leather. Twice a year renewal of assortment of our products in accordance with world fashion trends is performed at our tannery. Therefore you can be completely sure in high use value of assortment made of our leather.

Modern high-technology full-scale manufacturing facility provides own commodity production and enables us to accept orders to be placed in any processing chain of modern production.

Our major lines of activity are the following: manufacture of genuine leather for shoes and fancy goods production, upholstery and automotive leather. Range of assortment offers more than 50 articles, that permits us to satisfy all desires of our customers. What is more, we are always ready to make custom designs in optimum quantity. Our products are tested for all required characteristic values in a special certification center for Health Certificates and Documents of Compliance, registered in GosStandart of Ukraine; all goods confirms to European quality evidenced in multiply certificates.

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