A bag is an indispensable attribute in the life of women and men. There are several types of material for the production of haberdashery, but in the priority there is a well-grounded material that has won the hearts of many quality lovers - genuine leather. It is comfortable, practical, durable, unpretentious in care - the most versatile option. Natural leather in spite of being able to make an excellent competition in the bag market has many advantages. One of them is strength. The bag, first of all, fulfills its main function - the transfer of necessary things, only then the status of a stylish and fashionable gizmo. For this, the thickness of the skin is chosen to be 1.5-4 mm. The skin repels moisture, which will help in rainy weather. Its longevity will remind of itself not one season. Due to the fact that the fashion for bags varies much less than for clothes, a stylish accessory will be relevant for 3-5 years.

Our company is a manufacturer of natural leather for haberdashery products of different thicknesses, colors, embossings. We are able to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.


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